Optilab provides cost-effective and high-performance end-to-end products designed for Cable TV networks with HFC, RFoG, and Cable PON architecture. Several product lines are also RUS accepted and meet Buy American requirements for USDA funded applications.

RUS Listing Acceptance

Optilab has undergone various rigorous certification and standards processes. InOptilab has several RFoG products listed which include its optical mNode, EMLT Externally Modulated Transmitters, and rEDFA Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers. RUS is a department of the USDA. For more information about RUS and the Optilab products that are accepted, visit optilab.com/rus for more detail.

FTTx, xPON, and Telecom

Optilab provides cost-effective and high-performance products for EPON, GPON, and FTTH networks for Telecom. In addition to xPON products, Optilab also provides video overlay solutions for any network.

Products include: