1064 nm Intensity Modulator w/ PM input/output (IM-1064-PM)

Data Sheet

IM-1064-PM has been discontinued from production, as it has reached End of Life (EOL), and is no longer available for ordering.

The Optilab IM-1064-PM is a 20 GHz Intensity Modulator that is manufactured with both PM (Polarization Maintaining) fiber on input/output port.

Product Overview

The Optilab IM-1064-PM is a 20 GHz Intensity Modulator that is manufactured with both PM (Polarization Maintaining) fiber on input/output port. The modulator incorporates a zero-chirp design for ultra long haul transmission. Covering full C-band and L-band, it can be used for any DWDM channel. With exceptional E/O bandwidth and highly linear transfer function, it can also be utilized for digital transmission to 20 Gb/s or analog RFoF transmission to 20 GHz pulse generation. The applications include PM optical system, mode-locked fiber laser and microwave optical link. This modulator operates with low drive voltage, making it compatible with a wide variety of modulator drivers. A separate bias port allows the modulator to operate at optimal points of transfer function. Supplied in a hermetic package, qualified to TelcordiaTM GR-468-CORE, this product assures high reliability and performance at all times. Contact Optilab for more information.


  • OC192 C-band & L-band
  • TDM and WDM up to 15 Gb/s
  • Analog Transmission up to 12 GHz
  • Satellite Link
  • Antenna Remote
  • RF over Fiber
  • Pulse Generation


  • PM input and output port
  • Low Drive Voltage
  • 1030 nm to 1090 nm operating wavelength
  • Zero chirp design
  • Low insertion loss
  • Useful bandwidth up to 20 GHz
  • High Extinction Ratio
  • Temperature Range of 0º C to 70º C
  • 3 year warranty standard

Feature Name Description
General Specifications
Input optical power 70 mW typ., 100 mW max.
Operating wavelength 1030 nm to 1090 nm
Chirp Value α < 0.2 (zero chirp design)
Insertion Loss 4 dB typ., 4.5 dB max.
Extinction Ratio ≥ 30 dB typ. @ DC
Optical return loss ≤- 45 dB max.
PRBS Electrical drive voltage 5.0 Vpp typ. @ 1 GHz
S21 3 dB Bandwidth (RF Port) 10 GHz min., 12 GHz typ.
S11 Return Loss (RF Port) ≤ 11 dB min up to 9 GHz
Vπ (RF Port) ≤ 6.1 V @ 10 Gb/s
RF Input power 26 dBm
Impedance (RF Port) 50 Ω typ.
S21 Bandwidth (Bias Port) 200 MHz min.
Vπ (Bias Port) ≤ 10 V @ DC
Impedance (Bias Port) 100 kΩ min.
Mechanical Specifications
Operating Temperature 0º C to +70º C
Storing Temperature -40º C to +80º C
Operating Humidity 0% to 90% Relative Humidity
Input Fiber Type PANDA - PM
Output Fiber Type PANDA - PM
Input Connector PM FC/APC, PM FC/UPC
Output Connector PM FC/APC, FC/UPC
Material LiNbO3
Crystal Orientation X-cut, y-propagating
Waveguide Process Ti-indiffused
Bias Port Connector 2 Pins
RF Port connectors Anritsu K
Cabling 900 μm tubing
Dimensions 66 mm x 22 mm x 9 mm