20 GHz PhotoReceiver, Differential Out (PR-20-D)

Data Sheet

The Optilab PR-20-D is a high gain receiver with 20 GHz electro-optical bandwidth.

Product Overview

The Optilab PR-20-D is a high gain receiver with 20 GHz electro-optical bandwidth. Hermetically sealed in a 14-pin mini-DIL package, PR-20-D features dual GPPO connector for differential RF output. It contains a PIN-photodiode (PD) and a Trans-Impedence Amplifier (TIA) / limiting amplifier to provide a high conversion gain up to 2000 V/W and differential output voltage swing up to 500 mV peak to peak. PR-20-D also provides a DCA input to adjust eye crossing and a RSSI output as an accurate indicator of the received signal strength. PR-20-D is ideal for digital system operation up to 23 Gbit/s or analog transmission subsystem to RF over Fiber beyond 23 GHz.


  • Integrated single TIA / LIA
  • High differential conversion gain up to 4000 V/W
  • 500 mVpp differential RF output amplitude
  • Dual GPPO connectors
  • Eye crossing adjust
  • Input level monitoring via RSSI
  • Hermetically sealable 14-pin mini-DIL package

Feature Name Description
General Specifications
Optimized Operating Wavelength 1260 nm to 1600 nm
Optical Input Level -13 dBm to 3 dBm
S21 3 dB Bandwidth 20 GHz typ.
Small Signal Conversion Gain 3000 V/W min., 4000 V/W typ.
PD Dark Current @ 25° C, 3 V reverse bias 2 nA typ., 10 nA max.
Optical PDL @ 1550 nm 0.6 dB max.
Fiber Connector FC/APC, other type available upon request.
Differential Output Range 500 mVpp typ.
Impedance 50 Ω
Coupling DC Coupled Out
Power Supply 3.3 V typ.
Supply Current 51 mA typ., 62 mA max
Eye Crossing Adjust Range 45% to 55% typ.
RF Output Return Loss RF Output Return Loss
Digital Bit Rate >24 Gbit/s
Equivalent input noise 25 pA/ √Hz
Mechanical Specifications
Operating Temperature 0º C to +45º C
Storage Temperature -40º C to +85º C
Operating Humidity 85% max.
Package Type 14-pin butterfly package
Housing Dimensions 18 mm x 22 mm x 8.5 mm
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Power Supply Voltage 4.5 V
PD Reverse Bias Voltage 7 V
Output/Control Voltage 4.5 V
Optical Input Power 5 mW
Soldering Temperature 260 ° C
* Optilab recommends to use DC blocks externally for AC coupling.