10 GHz 1310 nm Directly Modulated DFB Laser (DFB-1310-DM-10)

Data Sheet

Product Overview

The Optilab DFB-1310-DM-10 directly-modulated (DM) DFB laser is an excellent solution for 10 GHz analog or 12 Gb/s digital transmission of up to 60 km using traditional SMF-28 single-mode fiber links. The 1310 nm wavelength eliminates the concern about dispersion control over most installed fiber links. The package contains a high-speed DFB laser chip, thermoelectric cooler, thermistor, optical isolator, and a rear-facet monitor photodiode for external optical power control Contact Optilab for more information.


  • VSR, SR, IR and LR applications
  • SONET and 12 Gb/s Ethernet transponders
  • Analog Link up to 12 GHz bandwidth
  • RF over Fiber (RFoF)


  • 10 GHz analog bandwidth
  • 12 Gb/s digital transmission
  • Internal TEC for range of –5º C to 80° C
  • High relaxation frequency at low bias
  • Hermetically sealed optics, isolator on TEC

Feature Name Description
General Specifications
Wavelength Range 1290 nm to 1320 nm
Optical Output Power Up to 10 dBm @ 70 mA
Threshold Current 2 mA min., 30 mA max.
Wavelength Tuning Coefficient 0.085 nm/ºC typ.
ac Side-Mode Suppression Ratio 35 dB min.
Chromatic Dispersion Penalty 1.0 dB max. @ 60 km, 200 ps/nm
Optical Isolation 32 dB min.
High-frequency Cutoff (-3 dB) 14 GHz min.
Low-frequency Cutoff (-3 dB) 30 kHz
RF Return Loss, 50 Ω 10 dB min. up to 8 GHz
Rise / Fall Time, 10% - 90% 50 ps max.
Thermoelectric Cooler Current 1.3 A max.
Thermistor Resistance 10 kΩ typ. @ 25ºC, 8 k typ. Ω @ 30ºC
Thermistor Temp. Coefficient -4.4 %/ºC
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Operating Case Temperature Range -5 ºC to +80 ºC
Storage Case Temperature Range -40 ºC to +85 ºC
Laser Forward Bias 150 mA
Laser Reverse Voltage 1 V
Laser Reverse Current 200 mA
Photodiode Reverse Voltage 20 V
TEC Current 1.7 A
Mechanical Specifications
Housing Dimensions 1.025” x 0.350” x 0.365”
Housing Type 7-pin Butterfly Package
Optical Connectors FC/APC, SC/UPC
Optical Fiber Type SMF-28 (Standard)
RF Connector GPO type