12 GHz PhotoReceiver, Module (PR-12-B-M)

Data Sheet

Product Overview

The Optilab PR-12-B-M is a 12 GHz bandwidth amplified PIN photodiode receiver module, designed for RF over fiber, antenna remoting, and broadband RF signals transmission applications using single mode optical fiber. The PR-12-B-M utilizes a wide bandwidth PIN photodiode plus a linear Trans-Impedance Amplifier (TIA) that provides optical to RF conversion to the frequency range beyond 12 GHz. The PR-12-B-M is a highly linear O/E converter that can be used for every type of analog and digital signal, with remote status monitoring through an RS-485 interface. When the PR-12-B-M RF over fiber receiver module is linked with the LTA-20-M lightwave transmitter module, the combination provides an excellent solution for cost-effective 12 GHz RF over fiber applications.


  • 12 GHz RF Transmission over Fiber
  • RF/IF signal distribution
  • Satcom microwave antenna signal distribution
  • Broadband delay-line and signal processing
  • Radar system link
  • Phased and interferometric array antenna


  • RFoF Receiver, 0.01 GHz to 12 GHz
  • Highly Linear for analog transmission
  • Linear TIA Gain of 500
  • Remote monitor through USB 2.0 or RS-485
  • Housing designed for RF shielding
  • Labview interface

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