25 dB Gain Pre-Amp EDFA Module, C-band (EDFA-PA-M)

Data Sheet

Product Overview

The Optilab EDFA-PA-M Pre-Amp EDFA is a high-gain module for amplifying low input level signals that is an easy-to-use and cost-efficient solution for photonic subsystems, OEM integration, and fiber optic system integration. Using a high gain design, this module provides over 25 dB gain with a 4.5 dB noise figure and is designed to amplify signal with a low input level as low as -40 dBm. Software control is standard via an RS-232 port for status monitoring and pump current adjustments, and pump laser protection and alarms are equipped to ensure the reliability and safety of the device. The EDFA-PA-M requires a single ±5 Volt DC power supply for operation that comes included with each unit.


  • OEM integration
  • Photonic subsystems
  • Fiber optic link amplification


  • High gain of more than 25 dB
  • Low noise figure
  • Designed for low input level
  • RS-232 standard for remote control
  • Wide wavelength operation range
  • ±5 V power supply
  • 10+ years of operation life

Feature Name Description
Optical Specifications
Operating Range 1528 nm to 1563 nm
Output Power +14 dBm @ 0 dBm typ.
Optical Gain 25 dB min. @ -40 dBm input
Noise Figure 4.5 dB typ., 5.0 dB max.
Optical Return Loss 50 dB min.
Input Optical Isolation 30 dB min.
Output Optical Isolation 30 dB min.
Polar. Mode Dispersion 0.1 ps max.
Polar. Dependent Gain 0.1 dB max.
Input Power Range -40 dBm to +5 dBm
Output Power Stability 0.15 dB over 8 hours
Input/Output Fiber Type Corning SMF-28
Adjustable Features and Output
Control RS232 for output power adjustment
Output Power Adjustment Adjust by laser bias current
Mechanical Specifications
Operating Temperature -10° to +70° C
Power Supply +5 V DC, 5.0 A max.
Power Consumption 20 W max.
Fiber Type SMF-28
Fiber Jacket 900 μm
Connector Type FC/APC
Connector (power and control) DB-25 Male
Display LEDs for On/Off, Power
Remote Control RS-232 for laser control, status monitoring
Dimensions 150 mm x 125 mm x 23 mm

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