Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier, C-Band (EDFA-C-R)

Data Sheet

Product Overview

The Optilab EDFA-C-R Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) is a high-gain, versatile amplifier designed for CATV networks, optical communication and other general-purpose optical applications. By using a dual stage amplifier design, EDFA-C-R provides optical gain of up to 30 dB, while maintaining low noise figure (NF) below 5 dB. The EDFA-C-R amplifier produces optical output levels from +18 dBm to +26 dBm with an input power level range from -12 dBm to +7 dBm. Featuring adjustable output level power via ACC through the front panel and software control through USB, this compact 1U-housing can provided up to 32 output ports.


  • CATV Network amplification
  • LiDAR or pulse amplification
  • Test and measurement
  • General-purpose optical amplifier


  • Up to +26 dBm output power
  • 1528 nm to 1564 nm range
  • Dual stage forward/backward pump
  • Input power level range: -12 dBm to +7 dBm
  • Optical gain up to 30 dB
  • Up to 32 output ports
  • Automatic Current Control (ACC) standard
  • LCD digital display and LED status indicators
  • Software control through USB

Feature Name Description
Optical Specifications
Operating Range 1528 nm to 1564 nm
Output Power Levels +18 dBm to +26 dBm
Input Power Range -12 dBm to +7 dBm
Optical Gain Up to 30 dB
Noise Figure (NF) <5.0 dB Typical @ -10 dBm Input
Number of Outputs 1 output standard Up to 32 ports
Optical Return Loss 50 dB min.
Input/Output Optical Isolation 30 dB min.
Polarization Mode Dispersion 1.0 ps max.
Polarization Dependent Gain 0.10 dB max.
Output Power Stability 0.10 dB over 8 hours
Input/Output Fiber Type Corning SMF-28
Mechanical Specifications
Operating Temperature 0º C to +50º C
Storage Temperature -40º C to +70º C
Power Supply Requirements 80 - 240 V, 43 - 63 Hz AC
Power Consumption 60 W max.
Output Level Control Pump Lasers Current Adjustment
Monitoring Pump Laser Temperature
Computer Interface LabVIEW via USB
Display Input/Output Power Level, TEC Temperature
Alarms Temperature and Input Power
Optical Connectors FC/APC, SC/APC, Other Type Optional
Housing Dimensions 1RU 482.60(L) x 470.57(W) x 44.00(H)

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