20 GHz Modulator Driver / RF Amplifier,  Benchtop (MD-20-B)

Data Sheet

Product Overview

The MD-20-B Modulator Driver (MD) is a 20 GHz RF Amplifier in a user-friendly benchtop that provides a high-quality, single-ended voltage to drive an external optical modulator. Typical applications include driving EML, EAM, and Mach-Zehnder devices, and it can also be used as a wideband RF amplifier with useable bandwidth of 100 kHz to 20 GHz, including its +26 dBm adjustable output, making it suitable for many RF link applications. The MD-20-B amplifies 22 Gb/s data input signals to 7.5 Vp-p drive levels, and the flat gain and group delay response yield a high quality, low-jitter electrical drive signal for digital applications. In addition to its amplification function, the MD-20-B also features a manually adjustable DC bias output voltage port, to further compliment its effectiveness when used with a standard LiNbO3 external modulator.


  • 22 Gb/s Digital Modulation
  • DPSK Driver
  • Analog RF Amplification to 22 GHz
  • RF over Fiber Link Amplified
  • General Laboratory Testing


  • Bandwidth up to 20 GHz
  • Data rates exceed 22 Gb/s
  • Manual DC Bias Output Port to 12 Volt
  • Benchtop with LCD Display
  • Variable RF Gain Control

Feature Name Description
Optical Specifications
3dB S21 Bandwidth 20 GHz min.
S11 Characteristics < -10 dB at 10 GHz
Saturated Output Power >26 dBm typ.
RF Gain 16 db to 26 dB, variable
Gain Ripple ±1.5 dB over 5 GHz
Input, Output Impedance 50 Ω
Input VSWR to -10 GHz 1.6:1 typ.
Output VSWR 2.0:1 typ.
Total Power Dissipation 7 W max.
Gain Adjustment Range 10 dB typ.
DC Control
Manual DC Control Adjustment -12 V to +12 V
Manual Bias Adjustment Range -12 V to +12 V
Digital Applications
Data Rate Up to 15 Gb/s
Pulse Response 10%, rise time 35 ps typ.
Output Amplitude 7.5 Vp-p typ.
Input Range 500 mV to 1.5 V
Analog Applications
Useful Frequency Range 75 KHz to 15 GHz
P1dB Output > 23 dBm max.
Group Delay (2 to 10 GHz) ± 25 ps
Noise Figure 11 dB
Small Signal Gain 30 dB typ.
Analog Applications
Operating Temperature 0° C to +70° C
Storage Temperature -45° C to +100° C
Operating Humidity 85%
Power Supply Requirements 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
RF Input/Output Connector K Connector Female
Dimensions 280 mm x 90 mm x 320 mm

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