Raman Amplifier, Rackmount (RA-R)

Data Sheet

Product Overview

The Optilab RA-R Raman Amplifiers are optical fiber amplifiers that are designed to recover optical loss incurred in optical fiber, thus extending the transmission distance. The RA-R is designed to amplify optical signals in ultra long-haul DWDM networks, and can also be incorporated into HFC/CATV networks to increase the transmission range of analog and digital channels. Unlike EDFAs, Raman Amplifiers are based on Raman amplification that occurs during the back scattering wherein the single mode optical fiber in the link itself acts as the gain medium. RA-R Raman Amplifiers are typically installed in the mid-stream of a signal or placed before receivers to increase the optical power level signals. Utilizing a multiple high-power pump laser design, the RA-R provide very broad operating wavelength range, constant optical gain, and effectively reduce noise figures in the link.


  • DWDM
  • Ultra-long Haul
  • HFC Networks
  • Undersea Link


  • 80 DWDM channels at 10 G/40 G transmission
  • QAM digital and analog channels in HFC/CATV
  • Gain up to 13 dB/ch.
  • Effective Noise Figure of -1.3 dB
  • Best cost/performance ratio

Feature Name Description
Optical Specifications
Wavelength Range RA-C: 1525 nm to 1565 nm, RA-CL: 1528 nm to 1605 nm
Signal Gain Average RA-C, 11 dB to 13 dB, RA-CL, 10 dB to 12 dB
Gain Flatness RA-C, ±0.75 dB, RA-CL, ±0.90 dB
Pump Laser RA-C, 4; RA-CL, 6
Input Signal Level -40 to +5 dBm per channel
Effective Noise Figure -1.3 dB typ.
Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) 0.2 ps max.
Polarization Dependent Gain (PDG) 0.2 dB max.
Power Stability ±0.1 dB over 8 hours
Input / Output Isolation 30 dB min.
Optical Input Connectors Bare fiber, SMF-28 with 3mm standard; High Power rated SC/APC, FC/APC, LC/APC (Optional)
Optical Output Port SC/APC Connector, FC/APC, LC/APC (Optional)
Mechanical Specifications
Operating Temperature 0° to +50° C
Storage Temperature -10º C to +70º C
Power Supply 80-240 V, 43-63 Hz AC, 40 - 58 V DC (Optional) Dual Power Supply Standard
Power Consumption 80 W max.
Display Output Power Level, TEC Temperature
Controls/Monitoring Pump Laser Temperature and Current
Communication Interface RS-232 interface cabling from PC to rackmount units
Alarms Over Temperature, Over Current
Dimensions 2RU: 19” x 20.5”x 3.5”

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