1550 nm Swept Wavelength Laser Module (SWL-1550-M)

Data Sheet

Product Overview

The Optilab SWL-1550-M laser source module unit provides fast continuous wavelength sweeping, driven by an electrical ramp voltage input, and contains a fast tunable laser source with control electronics. Specifically designed for FBG fiber sensor interrogation applications, the versatile SWL-1550-M is available with spectral tuning of up to 80 nm. The wider the sweeping range, the higher the number of FBG sensors that can be incorporated in the interrogation systems. The SWL-1550-M has a high output power of up to 20 mW, and is ideal for increasing the sensing distance and also the number of channels of an FSI. SWL-1550-R is also available in a rackmount housing. Contact Optilab for more information.


  • FBG sensor interrogation
  • Laboratory testing & measurement
  • Fiber optic component qualification
  • Variable Wavelength Laser Source


  • Wide sweeping range up to 80 nm
  • High power 20 mW
  • Laser linewidth, FWHM, of 0.15 nm
  • Optical Signal to Noise Ratio of 40 dB
  • RS-232 interface for status monitoring

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