12 GHz Low Drive Voltage Lightwave Transmitter (LT-12-E-M)

Data Sheet

Product Overview

The Optilab LT-12-E-M Lightwave Transmitters (LT) utilize a linear, Electo Absorption Modulator (EAM) designed for RF over Fiber, antenna remoting and broadband RF transmission over optical fiber. This easy to drive module incorporates a low noise, 1550 nm distributed feedback (DFB) laser diode as a Continuous Wave (CW) light source. The input RF signal is applied to EAM directly for E/O conversion. The compact, cost-effective transmitter design provides a high spurious-free dynamic range and high modulation bandwidth. LT-12-E-M can be paired with PR-12-M or PD-30 for 12 GHz RFoF link applications.


  • 12 GHz RF over Fiber
  • RF/IF signal distribution
  • Satellite antenna signal distribution
  • Broadband delay-line and signal processing
  • Radar system link
  • Phased and interferometric array antenna


  • 12 GHz operation bandwidth
  • Low RF drive voltage
  • High dynamic range
  • Built in 10 GHz Bias tee
  • USB 2.0 /RS-485 monitor interface
  • Labview driver included

Feature Name Description
General Specifications
DFB Laser Wavelength 1550 nm ± 10 nm, Can be ordered w/ ITU wavelength
S21 3 dB Bandwidth 10 GHz typ. (includes bias-T)
Optical Output Level +3 dBm min.
Optical Return Loss 30 dB typ.
DFB Linewidth (FWHM) 3 MHz max.
DFB Side Mode Suppression Ratio 40 dB typ.
Relative Intensity Noise (RIN) -135 dB/Hz max.
Input Impedance 50 Ω
Frequency Response Flatness <±0.5 dB in any 1 GHz bandwidth
VSWR 2.0 : 1 max.
Analog Specifications
Operational RF Bandwidth 12 GHz typ.
Max. RF Input + 13 dBm
1 dB Compression Point +8 dBm
Harmonic Distortion -40 dBc typ. @ 0 dBm RF input
Input IP3 12 dBm typ.
Digital Specifications
Data Rate 12.5 Gb/s typ.
Drive Voltage 3 Vp-p typ.
Pulse Response 10%, rise time 40 ps typ.
Extinction Ratio 10 dB typ.
Mechanical Specifications
Operating Temperature -20° C to +70° C
Storage Temperature -55° C to +85° C
Operating Humidity 85%
Power Supply Requirements +/-5 V DC, 2 A max.
Optical Connector FC/APC, other optional
RF Input Connector SMA, Female
Electrical Power Connector 4-pin Molex
Remote Interface RS-485 via USB
Dimensions 115 mm x 106 mm x 24.5 mm
Accessories Included PS-5-M power supply

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