12 GHz Lightwave Transmitter with Variable Optical Attenuator (LTB-12-VOA)

Data Sheet

Product Overview

The Optilab LTB-12-VOA is a Versatile Lightwave Transmitter with a integrated Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) designed for analog photonics applications from 2GHz to 15 GHz. This unit features a built in VOA for optical output power balancing, ideal for multichannel DWDM networks for intuituve gain balancing. This unit includes a narrow linewidth DFB laser, an optical intensity modulator, and an Automatic Bias Control (ABC) board. Contact Optilab for more information.


  • Analog photonics
  • 15 GHz RFoF transmition
  • Satellite Communication
  • Optical communications to 15 Gb/s
  • Sub-nanosecond pulse generation
  • DWDM network


  • Up to 15 GHz operating range
  • Built in VOA
  • 10 dB attenuation range
  • Internal DFB laser up to 50 mW
  • Automatic Bias, Q+ mode or 4 modes
  • Remote access Via USB

Feature Name Description
General Specifications
Operating Wavelength 1520 nm to 1560 nm
Laser Source Internal DFB laser, 1550nm±10 nm; or customized
Laser Power Level 20 mW typ.
RF Return Loss >10 dB @ 10 GHz; >10 dB @ 12 GHz
Impedance 50 Ω
Operating Frequency Range 2 GHz to 15 GHz
Input RF Voltage 5 dBm min
Optical Output Level 6.5 dBm @ +14 dBm input typ.
Modulator Bias Mode Q+ mode standard; 4 Automatic bias control modes (optional).
Modulator Voltage VPI 7 V typ. @ 10 GHz
Variable Optical Attenuator
Range 10 dBm min
Step Attenuator 0.1 dB resolution
Analog Link Performance
IIP3 @7 GHz 32 dBm typ.
1 dB Conpression Point @10 GHz 16 dBm typ.
Mechanical Specifications
Operating Temperature (Standard) -30 °C to +60 °C
Storage Temperature -60 °C to +90 °C
Power Supply Requirements ±5V, 1A typ.
Optical Connectors FC/APC
Fiber Type SMF-28 output
RF Input Connector SMA female connector
Power Connector 4 Pin Molex
Remote Control USB 2.0 software included
Alarm LED Bias mode status
Dimensions 206 mm x 102.4 mm x 31.5 mm

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