Sedona Series (Sedona Fiber Sensing )

Data Sheet

Integrated Photonics Platform

Optilab is proud to announce the debut of the new SEDONA Series product line. The SEDONA Series platform is battery operated and completely portable with a 7” LCD touch screen, USB port, and Wi-Fi capabilities.
SEDONA series is deigned to incorporate full photonics functionalities that incudes: tunable laser, Optical Modulator, Photo Detector, Power Meter, FFT Analyzer, Waveform Recording and other. By combining these functions, Optilab produces easy to use, powerful solutions for different applications.

Product Overview

•Full Functionalities
•Tunable or Fixed Laser
•Optical Modulator
•FFT Analyzer
•Power Meter
•Photo Detector/Receiver
•Waveform Recording

Series Modes