FBG Sensor Interrogator


Optilab has developed a unique line of FBG Interrogator products for Structure Health Monitoring applications for measurement of change in temperature, displacement, strain, and more. 


Optilab has developed FBG Sensor Interrogator systems that can be deployed into a variety of fields. These products feature high reliability, advanced command and data output control, and incredible speed and sensing range. Below is a table of the featured FBG Sensor Interrogator systems.

No of
Laser Power


FSI Aerospace
• Mechanical reliability Aerospace vehicles
• Marine vessels
• Homeland security
• Space craft structure analysis 
Machine Aluminum
12.5” x 10.6” x 2”
7.8 lbs
28 VDC 
4-8    Up to 40 mW


FSI Outdoor
• Outdoor waterproof
• Structural Health Monitoring Industrial
• Remote area projects for SHM
• Railroad, subway and tunnel monitoring
• Include outdoor power supply (solar optional)
Cast Aluminum
20” x 10.5” x 9.1”
40 lbs (w/o fibers)
60 VAC

Up to 100 mW 


FSI Rackmount Indoor
• Standard indoor installation
• Structural Health Monitoring
• Industrial
• Remote area projects for SHM
• Railroad, subway and tunnel monitoring

Steel Frame
16.7” x 16.5” x 2”
13 lbs
120-240 VAC 


Up to 60 mW 

All of these products feature customizable controls and data output. For more information on Optilab's FBG sensor interrogator systems, please contact us.

P/N Product
FSI-RM-18 FBG Sensor Interrogator 18 Channels Data
FSI-OEM FBG Sensor Interrogator for OEM Data
FSI-OD FBG Sensor Interrogator for Outdoor Data