Lightwave Modulator for Binary Phase Shift Key, up to 40 Gb/s (LM-BPSK-R)

Data Sheet

Product Overview

The Optilab LM-BPSK-R is a high performance Binary Phase Shift Key (BPSK) lightwave transmitter designed for Optical Communication up to 40 Gb/s or beyond. The LM-BPSK-R incorporates an internal laser source (DFB, tunable laser) which couples into a high low drive speed MZI modulator for BPSK/ DPSK modulation, with a broadband modulator driver. The LM-BPSK-R has a built-in Automatic Bias Control board which allows for stable long-term operation, with up to 4 bias operating modes. Adjustable RF gain through the front panel
interface and LabVIEW software can be performed.


  • Optical communications
  • Analog transmission
  • Picosecond pulse generation
  • Research and development
  • Test and measurement


  • Up to 40 Gb/s bit rate
  • Integrated modulator driver
  • Four auto bias modes
  • Low drive modulator
  • Customizable options:
  • ➤ Laser source (Tunable, DFB)
  • ➤ (10/20/30/40) bandwidth
  • ➤ PM output fiber

Feature Name Description
General Specifications
Bit Rate/ Bandwidth See Table 1.0
Internal Laser Source See Table 2.0
External Optical Input Level +20 dBm max
Impedance 50 Ω typ.
Optical Output Power 5 dBm min. @ 14 dBm input
Modulator Bias Mode Automatic bias control modes
Input RF Voltage Range 250 mV to 750 mV typ.
Eye Crossing Adjustment Available
Modulation Specifications
Operating Temperature -10 °C to +60 °C
Storage Temperature -50 °C to +90 °C
Power Supply Requirements 110/220 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Optical Connectors FC/APC, others optional
Input Fiber Type PANDA PM
Output Fiber Type SMF-28 standard; PANDA PM optional
RF Input Connector See Table 1.0
Remote Control USB 2.0 and LabVIEW software included
Alarm Bias mode status, over temperature
Dimensions 1RU 482.60(L) x 470.57(W) x 44.00(H)