Optilab, LLC FSI-OC Oak Creek Interrogator System

Sedona FSI-OC Interrogator System Showcase

We have been working on our new revolutionary Sedona product series and have featured our Fiber Sensing Interrogator Oak Creek System at our recent marketing events. The FSI-OC showcases our user-friendly software platform allowing for real-time data evaluation on the Waveform and Fast Fourier Transform spectrums. Thank you to everyone who came to visit us at Avionics 2017.


We are a technology company specializing in laser and phtonic solutions. We design, manufacture, and service our brand-name products at our main facilities located in the sunny state of Arizona. The solutions we offer span the realms of Test & Measurement, Fiber Sensing, RF over Fiber, and others.

Our R & D team collaborates with our sales team to develop and deliver these innovative, cost-effective products to our global customer base. We are proud to serve client in aerospace, telecom, sensors, laster instruments, and research.

Additionally, Optilab is proud to own and operate OEQuest.com, one of the largest web portals in the photonics industry, through which our products can be ordered.