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Ordering From OEQuest.com

As a leader in fiber optic and photonics solutions, Optilab owns and operates OEQuest.com, the largest online source for lasers, photodiodes, fiber optics, EDFAs, test instruments, photonics devices, and more. OEQuest.com provides the in-stock availability and price for each product, as well as important product information, data sheets, test data, and more. With thousands of products in stock and ready for delivery, our customers can place orders with OEQuest.com via our online quotation and ordering system.


Contact Optilab Directly

To contact Optilab directly or order our products, please email sales@optilab.com,call 602-343-1496, or fill out our Contact Form on our Contact Us page.

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Worldwide Distributors

Optilab utilizes a global network of more than a dozen domestic and international distributors throughout the US, Canada, Europe, China, SE Asia, and Japan to provide you with the best products available. Click the buttons below to view a list of some of our most advanced providers:


* Download: Authorized Reseller List

* If you’re interested in becoming one of our worldwide distributors, please email us at sales@optilab.com



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