30 Gbit/s Balanced PhotoReceiver, Module
30 Gbit/s Balanced PhotoReceiver, Module

30 Gbit/s Balanced PhotoReceiver, Module

VENDOR : optilab


Optilab BPR-30-U-M is a 30 Gbit/s balanced photo receiver module. It features AC coupling and high differential gain of typically 2400 V/W. It is a differential front-end for digital applications such as 43 Gbit/s DPSK communication. The BPR-30-U-M contains two waveguide-integrated pin-photodiodes (PD) and a limiting amplifier (LA), which provides a differential output voltage swing of typ. 600 mV. With built-in MCU and USB remote interface, the input optical power can be monitored and the threshold voltage can be easily adjusted for each optical path to ensure an optimized differential output signal. The BPR-30-U-M has well balanced optical & electrical paths so that a total skew of less than 10 ps is achieved.
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•USB Power and Control
•Differential RF Output
•Built-in DC Block for AC Coupling
•Adjustable High Gain TIA
•Remote Threshold Control
•Low Skew

•Low Noise Transmission System
•Transponder and Line Card Design
•43 Gbit/s DPSK Communication Systems
•OC-768/STM-306 System


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