C Band Wavelength Tunable Laser Module, High Performance Version
C Band Wavelength Tunable Laser Module, High Performance Version

C Band Wavelength Tunable Laser Module, High Performance Version

VENDOR : optilab

The TWL-C-HP-B-M is a wavelength tunable laser module in C band. The TWL-C-HP-B-M alleviates inventory and costs in high-channel-count DWDM systems by allowing a single device to replace each of the single-channel devices. Full-band tunable assemblies also enable system functionality such as hot back-up and dynamic provisioning. In addition, applications such as optical regeneration and wavelength conversion can be achieved. The HP version also includes a built-in sweep function for continuous scanning applications. The TWL-C-HP-B-M has a low Relative Intensity Noise (RIN), a high Side-Mode Suppression Ratio (SMSR), an ultra narrow linewidth, and excellent wavelength accuracy. A RS232 control complies to OIF ITLA Multi Source Agreement (MSA) standard, with a provided GUI software for intuitive control of the wavelength and optical power. The TWL-C-HP-B-M can be used for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) optical transceivers and DWDM discrete line card designs. The TWL-C-HP-B-M requires a single ±5 Volt DC power supply for operation.

➤Excellent Side Mode Suppression Ratio of 55 dB
➤Precise Wavelength step resolution of 1 MHz
➤Continuous wavelength sweeping function
➤Wide wavelength range from 1527.6 to 1567.13 nm
➤Polarization Maintaining (PM) Output
➤Intuitive and easy to use USB interface
➤High optical output power of 40 mW
➤Ultra narrow laser line width < 10 kHz

➤ DWDM transmission systems
➤ Tunable DWDM transponders and transceivers
➤ Optical spectrum characterization
➤ Optical packet or burst-mode switching
➤ Test and measurement equipment
➤ Fiber sensing and interrogation
➤ Reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers


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