1550 nm type-II PPLN Waveguide Chip
1550 nm type-II PPLN Waveguide Chip

1550 nm type-II PPLN Waveguide Chip

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PPLN-1550 is a periodically poled lithium niobate (PPLN) waveguide chip designed to operate at 1550 nm. This chip may be used for spontaneous parametric down-conversion (SPDC) to create a pair of polarized-correlated photon-pairs for quantum photon applications. Additionally, the PPLN-1550 may be used for efficient frequency conversion of lasers to produce wavelengths which cannot be achieved with conventional lasers through the process of sum-frequency generation (SFG). The PPLN-1550 is fabricated with a waveguide structure which allows high power density to enhance the frequency conversion efficiency at wavelengths around 1550/775 nm. The spectrum may be tuned by either slightly tuning the pump laser wavelength or by adjusting the temperature of the chip. Waveguide chips with customizable operating wavelengths may be ordered by contacting Optilab directly.


  • PPLN Titanium In-diffused Waveguide
  • High Frequency Conversion Efficiency
  • Polarized-Correlated Photon Pairs
  • Type-II SPDC Waveguide
  • High Brightness
  • PM Fiber Pigtailed In/Out

Use In:

  • Quantum Photon Pair Generation
  • Heralded Single Photon Source (HSPS)
  • Fiber Based Quantum Optics
  • Integrated Quantum Optics (IQP)
  • Sum Frequency Generation (SFG)
  • Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)
  • EPR Photon Source


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