10 GHz High-Gain PhotoReceiver, Module
10 GHz High-Gain PhotoReceiver, Module

10 GHz High-Gain PhotoReceiver, Module

VENDOR : optilab


The Optilab PR-10-H-M is a 10 GHz bandwidth high-gain PIN photodiode receiver module designed for RF over fiber, antenna remoting, and broadband RF signals transmission applications using single mode optical fiber. The PR-10-H-M utilizes a wide bandwidth PIN photodiode plus a high-gain Trans-Impedance Amplifier (TIA) of 2000 that provides optical to RF conversion to the frequency range beyond 10 GHz. The PR-10-H-M is a highly linear O/E converter that can be used for both analog and digital signal, with remote status monitoring through an RS-232 I/O interface. When the PR-10-H-M receiver module is linked with the LT-15-M lightwave transmitter module, the combination provides an excellent solution for ultra-wideband RF to fiber conversion applications, go to optilab.com for more details.

➤ RFoF to 10 GHz
➤ High RF output power
➤ Highly Linear for Analog Transmission
➤ High TIA Gain of 2000
➤ RS-232 Monitor Interface
➤ Housing shields RF and thermal interference


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