Sum Frequency Generator Module for 775 nm
Sum Frequency Generator Module for 775 nm

Sum Frequency Generator Module for 775 nm

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SFG-775-10-PG is a 10 mm Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate(PPLN) waveguide modules for near-IR, and mid-IR light generation. The module has a PPLN waveguide with built-in TEC and a Heatsink. A custom design of the poling period is available. This module may be pumped in 1550 nm wavelength window for up-conversion of photons to the 775 nm region. Due to the large nonlinear optical coefficient and the well confined optical waveguide structure in the Z-cut Lithium Niobate, the SFG-775-10-PG allows high up-conversion efficiency. The spectrum of the output may be tuned by either slightly tuning the pump laser wavelength or by adjusting the temperature of the SFG-775-10-PG. Please specify your pump and SHG/SFG/DFG wavelengths down to 775 nm when ordering modules.

*Built-in TEC, Thermistor, Heatsink
*Spatially Uniformed PPLN
*PM Fiber Pigtailed In/Out
*Titanium In-diffused Waveguide
*High Conversion Efficiency
*Phase Matching

*Quantum Light Source(QLS)
*Mid-IR Source
*SFG Spectroscopy
*Frequency Doubling
*Wavelength Conversion


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