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 Supply Chain

In addition to providing in-stock products to meet its customers’ demands, Optilab also partners with customers to develop specialized products, equipment, and applications using its in-house R&D team coupled with its production staff and complex supply chain. Below are two case studies of our supply chain meeting the modulator and bidirectional link of our customers.

High Speed Optical Intensity Modulator

  • High performance modulator, 30 GHz+

  • Initial sample quantity less than 10

  • Volume increased to 200 pieces

  • Projected volume to 500+ pieces annually


Dual Wavelength Bidirectional Link

  • Subsystem includes dual DFB, PD, and WDM

  • Initial sample quantity less than 10

  • Volume increased to > 3000 components

  • Projected volume TBD

  • Subsystem integration in progress


Space Qualified Balanced Photo Receiver

  • Space and Military Qualified

  • Adjustable bandwidth to 23 GHz

  • Low skew, near ideal matching response

  • Linear TIA with integrate Variable Gain

  • Dual GPPO for differential RF output


Analog Modulator

  • Excellent stability in a biased circuit 

  • Low Drive Voltage

  • Built in photodiode 

  • High Extinction Ratio

Pulsed DFB Laser Diode

  • Selectable wavelength: 1290 nm to 1610 nm

  • High-stability DFB laser chip

  • Built-in InGaAsP monitor photodiode

  • Built-in optical isolator

WDM Passive Coupler

  • Low insertion loss

  • High isolation

  • Stable operation


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