Photonics Engineer

Job Location

Phoenix Arizona


Job Summary

We are looking for engineers with expertise in photonics devices (lasers, modulators and photodiodes) for real world applications in communication and sensing. You should have a strong understanding of photonics components and physics, possess good written and verbal communications skills and be a creative thinker. Preferably hands-on experience in developing integrated photonics devices.


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  • Design, analyze, modify, test and evaluate RF Photonic systems and subsystem level components.

  • Analyze system performance or operational requirements.

  • Conduct testing to determine functionality to establish limits of photonics systems or components.

  • Establish and validate photonic product specifications, produce product datasheet.

  • Participates in feasibility studies and develop cost estimates for BOM and labor.

  • Work with production team to develop production travelers, determine test specifications, methods and acceptance criteria.

  • Document technical design, production and test details.

  • Work with sales and marketing team to conduct feasibility study and develop proposals for potential customer.


Minimum Requirement and Qualifications:

  • Master degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Physics major with Photonics Focus related field with a minimum 2 years of experience.


Preferred Skills and Experiences

  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills are required.

  • Knowledge of fiber optics and laser diode specifications are required.