Case Stories

RFoF Solution

Customer needed the modules of RF link up to 12 units for our RF-photonics of 16-bit variable delay systems (RPTD system) for US government agency. However, because of the tight restriction of intrinsic delay time requested in RPTD system, EDFA can’t be used in this RF link.

Provided Solution

- MD-50 (50 GHz Modulator Driver/RF Amplifier)

- LTA-40 (40 GHz Lightwave Transmitter Module for RFoF)

- PD-40-M (40 GHz Photodiode Module)

Optical Amplifier

Customer needed to amplify their pulse signal for the application. They were using a pulse train with a pulse width of 0.5 - 2ns @ 20MHz, required wavelength of input pulse was a C-Band.

Provided Solution

- EYDFA-37-BM (37 dBm Er/Yb Doped Fiber Amplifier in Big Module)