The Challenge

     * Develop RF Link system with more than 30 GHz bandwidth

     * Noise Figure of link system should be less 20 dB

The Solution

     * MD-50 (50 GHz Modulator Driver/RF Amplifier)

     * LTC-40-LD-V (40 GHz Lightwave Transmitter Module)

     * EDFA-PA-MSA (C-Band MSA Pre-Amp EDFA Module)

     * PD-40-M-DC (40 GHz Photodiode, Module, DC Coupled)

The Challenge

     * Need 40-channels DWDM system for the lab setup

     * 100 GHz channel spacing required with ITU grid

The Solution

     * Integrate Tunable Wavelength Laser within benchtop solution

     * Developed firmware for each channel's wavelength and output power control through touchscreen


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