1064 nm, 20 GHz Intensity Modulator, PM Output
1064 nm, 20 GHz Intensity Modulator, PM Output

1064 nm, 20 GHz Intensity Modulator, PM Output

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The Optilab IMP-1064-20-PM Intensity Modulator is designed for external modulation of 1064 nm laser up to 20 GHz or 25 Gb/s. It is also applicable for pulse generation for Ytterbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier amplification (YDFA) in satellite links and active mode locked laser applications. It is a bias-stabilized lithium modulator that proves to be extremely stable for long periods of time, and features excellent stability in a biased circuit, operating from 1030 nm to 1090 nm. It has an excellent operating temperature tolerance ranging from -30º C to +75º C. The IM-1064-20-PM uses a Polarization Maintaining (PM) input and output fiber, featuring separate RF and bias ports. Contact Optilab for more information.

➤ 1030 - 1090 nm wavelength
➤ Low Drive Voltage
➤ 3 dB bandwidth up to 20 GHz
➤ PM input and output
➤ High extinction ratio

➤ Pulse generation for YDFA
➤ Up to 25 Gb/s
➤ Satellite Link
➤ Active mode locked laser
➤ Research and development


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