1420nm Single Band Raman Amplifier
1420nm Single Band Raman Amplifier

1420nm Single Band Raman Amplifier

VENDOR : optilab


Optilab Raman Amplifier Module Units are designed for distributed Raman amplification in a narrow spectral range in C band. Configured with two high power pump laser diodes at 1420 nm, the RA-1420-M unit provides over 10 dB On/Off gain flattened amplification at 1515 - 1540 nm. The unit includes micro-controller based laser current control circuitry for enhanced stability and reliability. RA-1420-M is an ideal amplifier for single-channel to multi-channel long-haul transmission and fiber sensor systems. It is equipped with LabVIEW (TM) remote user interface for easy operation. Contact Optilab for more information.

• 1515 - 1540 nm
• >10 dB Gain @ -15 dBm Input
• > 15 dB Gain @ -35 dBm Input
• Excellent Stability
• LabVIEW Remote Interface

Use In:
• Long Haul/Ultra-Long Haul Systems
• Long Repeaterless Links
• Low Latency Links
• 10/40 Gbps Transmission
• DWDM Networks


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