1550 nm, 10 GHz Compact Intensity Modulator, SM Output
1550 nm, 10 GHz Compact Intensity Modulator, SM Output

1550 nm, 10 GHz Compact Intensity Modulator, SM Output

VENDOR : optilab

PART NUMBER : IM-1550-10-B

The Optilab IM-1550-10-B is a 10 GHz Intensity Modulator, incorporating a zero-chirp design for ultra long haul transmission. Covering full C-band and L-band, it can be used for any ITU grid DWDM channel, with exceptional E/O bandwidth and a highly linear transfer function. Applications include digital transmission up to 12 Gb/s, analog RFoF transmission to 10 GHz,
optical pulse generation, and microwave optical link. The Optilab IM-1550-10-B operates with standard drive voltage, making it compatible with a wide variety of modulator drivers, and a diplexed bias port allows the modulator to operate at specific points of the transfer function. Supplied in a hermetic package, qualified to TelcordiaTM GR-468-CORE, this product assures high reliability and performance at all times. Contact Optilab for more information.

• SM Output Port
• Standard Drive Voltage
• 1530 nm to 1610 nm Operating Wavelength
• Low Insertion Loss
• Useful Bandwidth up to 10 GHz
• High Extinction Ratio
• Zero Chirp Design

• OC192 C-Band & L-Band
• TDM & WDM up to 12 Gb/s
• Analog Transmission up to 10 GHz
• Satellite Link
• Antenna Remote
• RF over Fiber
• Pulse Generation


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