18 dB Gain Raman Amplifier, 1525 nm to 1605 nm
18 dB Gain Raman Amplifier, 1525 nm to 1605 nm

18 dB Gain Raman Amplifier, 1525 nm to 1605 nm

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Optilab Raman Amplifier Rackmount Units are designed for distributed Raman amplification in both the C-Band and L-Band. The RA-CL-18-R unit provides over 18 dB On/Off gain flattened amplification from 1525nm to 1605nm, thus can support up to 200 DWDM channels. Each of the four pump channels is configured with two high power pump laser diodes and one polarization beam combiner (PBC). The unit includes microcontroller based laser current control circuitry for enhanced stability and reliability. RA-CL18-R is an ideal amplifier for high channel count DWDM 40G/100G transmission and fiber sensor systems. It is equipped with LCD touch screen and LabVIEW (TM) remote user interface for easy operation. Contact Optilab for more information.


• 1525 nm – 1605 nm • Over 18 dB On/Off Gain • Gain flatness of < ±1.5 dB • Excellent Stability • Up to 200 DWDM Channels • Touch Screen LCD & USB Interface


• Long Haul / Ultra-Long Haul Systems • Long Repeaterless Links • Low Latency Links • Multi-Channel DWDM Networks • 40 / 100 Gbps Transmission


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