20 GHz RF over Fiber Lightwave Link, +20 GHz, 1550 nm
20 GHz RF over Fiber Lightwave Link, +20 GHz, 1550 nm

20 GHz RF over Fiber Lightwave Link, +20 GHz, 1550 nm

VENDOR : optilab


The Optilab RFLL-20 series of microwave fiber optic transport system are fiber optic transmitters, receivers, and EDFA sets that form a high-performance RFoF link for 20 GHz. Included are:
• LTC-20 Lightwave transmitter for 20 GHz bandwidth
• MD-20 RF Amplifier for 20 GHz bandwidth
• PD-23-M 23 GHz photodiode module
• Optional EDFA with +16 dBm output power

The units can be used to construct transparent links for antenna remoting and other high-dynamic-range applications. The broad bandwidth supports applications such as electronic warfare systems as well as delay lines and signal processing systems, and the standard link utilizes a single optical fiber, operating at a nominal wavelength of 1550 nm. Wavelength selected lasers on the ITU grid are also available to support multi-channel DWDM applications, while the optional EDFA is used to overcome transmission loss. Contact Optilab for more information.

• RFoF Link with 20 GHz Bandwidth
• High Dynamic Range with low RIN Source Laser
• Microprocessor-based control bias and link gain
• RS-232 Monitor and Control Interface
• DWDM operation for multi-channel capacity
• Housing limits RF and thermal interference
• 3 year warranty standard


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