3 Channels ASE Source, C-Band MSA Module, 20mW
3 Channels ASE Source, C-Band MSA Module, 20mW

3 Channels ASE Source, C-Band MSA Module, 20mW

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The Optilab ASE-C-20-MSA-3 is a 3 channels Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) based broadband light source, designed for general laboratory applications. The ASE-C-20-MSA-3 is a reliable and cost-effective unit that can be ordered with multi channel options. The LD operating temperature and drive current are precisely monitored by a micro-controller to ensure constant output power and emission wavelength stability. With compact size configuration, it’s also suitable for OEM integration, User can control the ASE source output power level by adjusting the drive current along with remote status monitoring, contact Optilab for more information.

*Compact MSA footprint
*Emission wavelength 1527nm - 1565nm
*Minimal ripple in emission spectrum
*980 nm pump
*3 Optical Outputs
*20 mW per channel
*Monitoring and control Via USB

*Fiber Optic Current Sensing
*Optical Tomography
*IMU Integration
*DWDM component characterization
*Optical gyroscope
*White light interferometer


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