43 dBm EYDFA, 4 Output Ports
43 dBm EYDFA, 4 Output Ports

43 dBm EYDFA, 4 Output Ports

VENDOR : optilab


The Optilab EYDFA-43-4 series are high-power, reliable optical amplifiers with up to +43 dBm total power output and up to 4 output ports. Utilizing an integrated pre-amplifier which increase internal gain to 50dB. EYDFA-43-4 is ideal for Pulsed laser, LIDAR, HFC and Free space comminucation. The EYDFA-43-4 series uses multimode laser pumping, all-fiber combiner and Er/Yb double-clad, fiber technologies to achieve high output power in conjunction with excellent reliability. Constructed with long term uninterrupted service in mind, the Optilab EYDFA-43-4 series features a space saving 3U rackmount housing that is easy to install

➤ Optical gain up to 50 dB
➤ Up to 43 dBm total power
➤ Noise figure of 5 dB
➤ Touch screen LCD control
➤ Remote interface, Lab view
➤ 3U housing rack mount

➤ Pulsed Laser System
➤ HFC networks
➤ Free space communication
➤ Research & Development


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