50 GHz EA Modulator Driver/RF Amplifier
50 GHz EA Modulator Driver/RF Amplifier

50 GHz EA Modulator Driver/RF Amplifier

VENDOR : optilab


The Optilab MD-50E-M Modulator Driver (MD) is a 50 GHz two-stage RF Amplifier in a user-friendly module that provides a high-quality, single-ended voltage to drive an Electro-Absorption(EA) optical modulator. Typical applications include driving EML, EAM, and Mach-Zehnder devices, and it can also be used as a wide band RF amplifier with useable bandwidth of up to 50 Gb/s. The flat gain and group delay response yield a high quality, low-jitter electrical drive signal for digital applications. The RF gain and eye crossing level can be easily adjusted using the knobs on front panel or remotely from the USB interface. It also integrates an LCD display to show status information. Featuring a single +12V DC power and a built-in heat sink, this versatile module also has an anodized, precision-machined aluminum housing designed for efficient heat dissipation during prolonged use. In addition to its amplification function the MD-50E-M also features a manually adjustable DC bias output voltage port, to further complement its effectiveness when used with a standard EAM. Contact Optilab for more information.

➤Data rates up to 50 Gb/s
➤Variable Gain Control built-in
➤Built in LCD display
➤3.3Vpp Output Amplitude
➤2.4 mm connectors (K optional)
➤Remote control via USB

➤50 Gb/s digital modulation
➤RF over Fiber Link Amplifier
➤General laboratory testing


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