60 MHz High Gain Photoreceiver Module
60 MHz High Gain Photoreceiver Module

60 MHz High Gain Photoreceiver Module

VENDOR : optilab

The Optilab HPR-IG-060 is a 60 MHz bandwidth high gain photon receiver module consisting of an PIN photodiode and a TIA. This compact, cost-effective receiver module accepts FC/APC input optical fiber and outputs electrical signal through a SMA female connector. The HPR-IG-060 requires a ±5Volt DC power supply for operation. Contact Optilab for more information, (602)343-1496.

• Conversion gain of 28,000 V/W
• Useful O/E bandwidth over 80MHz
• Single ±5 V power supply
• Optical input power level indicator LED
• DC-coupled electrical output

• Weak Optical Signal Detection
• RF Transmission over Fiber
• Broadband delay-line and signal processing
• Phased and interferometric array antenna
• High Speed Optical Sensing Receiver
• High gain O/E converter


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