Compact +12V Power Supply for Photonics Lab
Compact +12V Power Supply for Photonics Lab

Compact +12V Power Supply for Photonics Lab

VENDOR : optilab


The Optilab PS-12-M is a 12V DC power supply for photonics lab with integrated RS233 and USB communication interface. It is compatible with most Optilab module products requiring 12V DC power, such as lightwave transmitter modules and wavelength tunable laser modules. PS-12-M can transform 85V - 264V wide AC voltage into 12V voltage within less than 2% ripple and output via a DB-15 connector and an extra 4-pin connector as the DC output terminal. The DB-9 or USB connector provides easy communication connection to control the functions of the target module. PS-12-M also can be used as a general 12 VDC power supply for photonics modules.

➤ High conversion efficiency
➤ Low ripple noise
➤ Up to 2A current
➤ Independent + 12V DC Output
➤ Dual interface RS233 and USB

➤ Switchable Communication interface
➤ Input voltage range 85 to 264 VAC
➤ High efficiency of >85%
➤ Space size 1.3” x 4.5” x 6.5”
➤ Lightweight < 0.5 kg

➤ + 12V DC power supply for LT Series lightwave transmitter.
➤ General purpose for photonics modules
➤ Replacing large and low efficiency laboratory power supplies


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