CWDM DFB Laser Module
CWDM DFB Laser Module

CWDM DFB Laser Module

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The Optilab DFB-CWDM-M series of products are CWDM Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser sources in a module housing, designed for general laboratory applications. The DFB-CWDM-M is a reliable and cost effective DFB laser source for providing a variety of CWDM wavelengths, from 1270nm up to 1610nm. With its simple and intuitive panel interface, the user can control the DFB light source output power level by adjusting the laser drive current, with USB monitoring, as well as provide up to 1 GHz direct modulation RF signal, all enclosed with its inclusive AC/DC power supply.
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➤ Modulation RF signal up to 1 GHz
➤ Wavelengths from 1270nm up to 1610nm
➤ Adjustable laser drive current
➤ USB interface remote monitoring

➤ Long wave (L) RFoF link
➤ Laboratory test and measurement
➤ CWDM component qualification


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