High Frequency PD RF Response Test System
High Frequency PD RF Response Test System

High Frequency PD RF Response Test System

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PTS photodetector response test system utilizes microwave photonics techniques for automated measurement of high-speed photodetectors. PTS is fast and fully automated and yields the RF opto-electrical response (S21) of high-speed photodetectors at any operation frequency in specified bands. The system integrated a low noise, flat spectrum, scannable Modulated light source (up to 5 THz) and a high accurate RF power detector (up to 120 GHz) to measure the RF opto-electrical response (S21) of the photodetectors. The system operates with ease, speed, and precision using a simple graphics user interface via a notebook PC. The transmission of a PD shown in the figure blow is the comparison between the test results by using the PTS and test results by using a commercialized PNA from Keysight.


• 1530 nm – 1607nm • Low Noise and High Accuracy Configuration • Ultra-Fast PD RF Calibration • Fully Automated and Integrated • User Friendly Interface • Wide Band RF Power Meter • 25 mins Calibration Time

• Photodetector Response Calibration • Frequency or Phase Modulator Test • Terahertz Sourcing • RF Signal Detection



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