High Speed Tunable Wavelength Laser - Phoenix Series
High Speed Tunable Wavelength Laser - Phoenix Series

High Speed Tunable Wavelength Laser - Phoenix Series

VENDOR : optilab


The Optilab TWL-P-HS is a high speed, innovative, all-in-one tunable and programmable laser source with high spectral purity. Based on laser crystal technology, the TWL-P-HS can operate in three distinct modes: CW mode, continuous scan mode, and programmable scan mode over the entire C-band range. It also features variable scan speed up to 4000 nm/s. Its lightweight and compact design allow it to be easily utilized both in laboratory and field engineering applications. A built-in 7” touchscreen with intuitive graphical interface gives the user full control over the operation of the device. In addition, the TWL-P-HS can be controlled via remote software through USB. Its polarization maintaining output and high wavelength and power stability make it a perfect solution as a seed laser for optical modulation and other test and measurement applications. Contact Optilab Sales for more information @602-343-1496


  • Wavelength Scan up to 100 Hz
  • 50 GHz (0.4nm) Tuning Resolution
  • Scan Rate on up to 4,000 nm/s
  • Excellent Side Mode Suppression Ratio
  • Light Weight: <5.5 lbs. (2.5 kgs)
  • 7" LCD touchscreen
  • Wireless Control (Optional)


  • Touchscreen Control - No PC Required
  • Built-in Intuitive GUI
  • Remote Control via USB or Z-Link


  • Laboratory Testing and Measurement
  • In-Field Testing and Measurement
  • DWDM Component Testing
  • Seed Lasers for Modulators
  • Fiber Optics Components
  • Fiber Sensors


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