Lightwave Transceiver for 5G Wireless Link, 30 GHz
Lightwave Transceiver for 5G Wireless Link, 30 GHz

Lightwave Transceiver for 5G Wireless Link, 30 GHz

VENDOR : optilab


The Optilab LTR-30 series of wideband laser transceivers is designed for RF over Fiber (RFoG), optical link, microwave over fiber applications. It features a high-linearity optical link for RF over fiber up to 30 GHz or 35 Gb/s digital link. Based on our proprietary design, the LTR-30 incorporates a broadband optical transmitter and linear receiver into one compact module. Using an Optilab IML-1550-40 series modulator, the LTR-30 transmit port converts input microwave/RF signals to optical waveform linearly from frequency range 60 kHz up to 30 GHz. With a broadband linear PIN receiver, LTR-30 receive port converts the optical waveform back to RF/microwave signals with minimal distortion. The LTR-30 maintains excellent gain flatness in wide frequency range.

- Design for 5G Wireless Signal Relay
- Highly Linear for Analog Transmission
- Transmitter Receiver Fully Integrated
- Wide Bandwidth Optical Modulator
- Compatible with HFC/CATV Networks
- 5.8 GHz/28 GHz/40 GHz Link

- 5G Antenna to Base Station
- RF over Fiber (RFoF) in HFC
- Analog Photonics
- Microwave Link
- Satellite Communication


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