O-band 1 channel DFB Laser Source, up to 150 mW, PM Output
O-band 1 channel DFB Laser Source, up to 150 mW, PM Output

O-band 1 channel DFB Laser Source, up to 150 mW, PM Output

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The Optilab DFB-B is a Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser source in a benchtop unit designed for general laboratory applications. The DFB-B is a reliable and high-performance DFB laser source for providing up to 8 DFB wavelengths. With Optilab’s comprehensive inventory of high-quality lasers, the DFB-B source can be ordered from a large variety of wavelengths and it is constructed with Telcordia-qualified laser to ensure 15+ years of operating life. The DFB laser’s operating temperature and drive current are precisely monitored by a micro-controller to ensure constant output power and emission wavelength stability. Using its intuitive front panel or an optional USB interface, the user can control the DFB output power level by adjusting the laser drive current and emission wavelength via TEC. Contact Optilab for more information.

➤ Up to 1 wavelength DFB source
➤ O band wavelengths available
➤ DFB with up to 150 mW output
➤ Stability Wavelength to ±5 pm
➤ USB Control Interface (Optional)
➤ Polarization Maintaining (PM) output
➤ Wavelength tuning range: ±1.5 nm

➤ Laboratory Testing and Measurement
➤ DWDM Networks
➤ Seed Laser
➤ Fiber Optics Components Testing
➤ Fiber Sensors


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