Optical IQ Modulator, 12 GHz Bandwidth
Optical IQ Modulator, 12 GHz Bandwidth

Optical IQ Modulator, 12 GHz Bandwidth

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The Optilab QPSK-OM-12 is a 10 GHz IQ modulator. It consists of a dual parallel Mach-Zehnder (MZ) interferometer modulators embedded in a main MZ super-structure, also known as a nested MZI modulator. This IQ modulator features an analog bandwidth up to 10 GHz and low drive voltage to support 2Vpi drive requirement. The use of X-cut Lithium niobate and symmetrical design ensure very low chirp and skew between I and Q channels. Contact Optilab for more information.

• 10 GHz Analog Bandwidth
• Up to 24 Gb/s Data Rate
• Low Drive 7.5Vpp
• Dual MZI parallel with two RF input
• High Extinction Ratio
• Low Chirp

• QPSK / DQPSK Transmission
• Free Space Communication
• SSB Suppressed Carrier Modulation • Research and Development
• Coherent Transmission / Sensing

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