Portable Microscope w/7in 1080FHD
Portable Microscope w/7in 1080FHD

Portable Microscope w/7in 1080FHD

VENDOR : optilab


The PDM-1200 is a full featured microscope offering clear imaging displayed on a 7in onboard display. The PDM-1200 supports AVI video resolutions of 1080FHD, 1080P, and 720P along with image resolution up to 12M. The stand allows for height adjustment and screen angle adjustment of 270° front and back. Illumination is provided by 8 LED lights with adjustable brightness & 2 extra auxiliary lights with adjustable positioning. Capable of onboard storage using the Micro SD slot and 32GB Micro SD card. Wired remote control to operate the PDM-1200 without connecting to a PC and real-time viewing supported when connected to a PC via USB cable.



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