Terahertz Source Generator, Benchtop
Terahertz Source Generator, Benchtop

Terahertz Source Generator, Benchtop

VENDOR : optilab


The Optilab THS-B series is a set of fully integrated optical heterodyne signal sources packaged in a 1u rack mount configuration. Based on Tunable Wavelength Laser (TWL) systems, the THS-B series produce optical heterodyne signals up to 10 Terahertz. An optical heterodyne is a signal produced by the frequency beat of two optical sources. The beating makes the optical signals detectable by GHz and slower, square-law detectors such as PDs and finds varied uses in LIDAR, spectroscopy and other high phase-sensitivity applications. The THS-B series provides high accuracy and high stability optical heterodyne signals over large signal range. The integrated GUI software gives the user full control of the optical heterodyne signal.

➤ Large Signal Tuning Ranges up to 10 THz
➤ User-Friendly USB Interface• Excellent Stability
➤ High CNR: 55 dB
➤ 13 dBm PM Output

➤ Terahertz Sourcing
➤ LIDAR Experimentation
➤ Spectroscopic Detection
➤ Topographical Imaging
➤ Frequency or Phase Modulator Detection


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