Tunable Laser with Photonics Multimeter - Phoenix Series
Tunable Laser with Photonics Multimeter - Phoenix Series

Tunable Laser with Photonics Multimeter - Phoenix Series

VENDOR : optilab


The Optilab TWL-P-MM is a handheld photonic multimeter based on the Phoenix platform. Featuring a 7” touch display screen and a large capacity battery, the TWL-P-MM provides an convenient solution to monitor photonic conditions in both laboratory and field settings. The user can select one of the three options for an integrated light source at the time of ordering: a wavelength tunable laser in full C band or L band or a CWDM DFB laser with a limited tuning range. This multimeter not only detects the average input optical power, but can also analyze optical waveforms up to 100 kHz. Moreover, it comes with an electrical signal generator for quick O/E conversion test. FFT analysis is included.
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- Portable
- Light weight: < 5.5 lbs (2.5 kgs)
- Battery power: Up to 4 hours
- Convenient shape
- User Friendly
- A 7" LCD touchscreen
- Intuitive GUI
- < 4-hour learning curve
- Aesthetically Pleasing

- Connectivity
- Wifi: for real-time uploading and communication
- USB: for on-site uploading
- Touchscreen control - no need to use PC

- Optical Waveform Analyzer
- Integrated Tunable Laser Output
- Synthesized Electrical Wave Output

Use In:
- Photonics Circuit Diagnostics
- O/E Waveform Analysis
- FTTX Field Diagnostic


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