Up to +37 dBm Integrated Pre-Amp EYDFA, Big Module
Up to +37 dBm Integrated Pre-Amp EYDFA, Big Module

Up to +37 dBm Integrated Pre-Amp EYDFA, Big Module

VENDOR : optilab


The Optilab EYDFA-XX-PA-BM is designed to amplify optical signals up to 37 dBm average power for high power applications at 1550 nm wavelength range. The EYDFA-XX-PA-BM incorporates two stages of amplification based on multi-mode pumping technology using Er/Yb double clad fiber. The optical gain of the amplifier exceeds 35 dB via the EDFA pre-amplifier, which allows a low input signal level of -20 dBm. The Preamplifier is connected via external patchcord, allowing filters to be used as well. The EYDFA-XX-PA-BM utilizes large core fiber technology to remove Raman scattering, which causes nonlinear amplification and is equipped with a 5 inch touchscreen interface and remote control. The EYDFA-XX-PA-BM can be ordered with an SMF collimator and other options. Contact Optilab for more information.

• Amplifies from 1540 nm to 1570 nm • Up to 5 W CW output power • Pulsed Amplification up to kW level • Large Core Fiber Technology• Mid-stage Filter (optical) • 5 inch Touchscreen Control • Interlock Safety Feature

• Free Space Communications • Optical Network Amplification • LIDAR Source • Research and Development • Second Harmonic Generation • Test and Measurement


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