Up to 40 GHz RF over Fiber Lightwave Link, Type H-3, Link Gain of -3
Up to 40 GHz RF over Fiber Lightwave Link, Type H-3, Link Gain of -3

Up to 40 GHz RF over Fiber Lightwave Link, Type H-3, Link Gain of -3

VENDOR : optilab


The Optilab RFLL-40-H-3 RF over Fiber Lightwave Link is composed of a MD-50 RF amplifier, LTA-50-X lightwave transmitter module, EDFA-PA-MSA pre-amplifier module and a PD-40 receiver to form a high-performance RFoF link for up to 40 GHz applications.

➤ MD-50, 50 GHz Modulator Driver/RF Amplifier
The Modulator Driver (MD) is a 50 GHz Bandwidth RF Amplifier in a compact and user friendly module that provides a high-quality, single-ended voltage to drive an external LiNbO3 modulator.

➤ LTA-50-X, 50 GHz Lightwave Transmitter Module for RFoF
The unit is a high performance Lightwave Transmitter Module designed for analog photonics applications from DC to 50 GHz.

➤ EDFA-PA-MSA, high-gain pre-amplifier module
The EDFA-PA-MSA is a high-gain pre-amplifier module in a multiple source agreement footprint housing.

➤ PD-40-DC, 40 GHz Linear InGaAs PIN Photodetector, Module
The Optilab PD-40-M is a 40 GHz bandwidth PIN receiver module designed for RF over Fiber, antenna remoting, and broadband analog photonics link.

➤ Bandwidth up to 40 GHz
➤ Low Noise Figure
➤ High Linearity Receiver
➤ USB Monitor and Control Interface

➤ Wideband RF Transmission over Fiber
➤ RF/IF Signal Distribution
➤ Satcom microwave antenna signal distribution
➤ Broadband delay-line and signal processing
➤ Phased and interferometric array antenna


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